Maia Yordanov for school board

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Jefferson Parish School Board District 2


Welcome, neighbors!

I'm Maia, and I'm running for the 2022 Jefferson Parish School Board Election.

As a former teacher and proud mom to Jefferson Parish students, I believe that excellency in education can transform and rejuvenate a community. I have multifaceted business experience and a history of service to our community.

I will work hard to restore values and morals to our younger generation. Our new school board will focus on preparing students for a life of success, while providing a driven, moral education to all students.



Jefferson Parish schools have fallen behind in math and science, today's most important fields. My platform emphasizes STEM while also encouraging arts and other critical skills.


Our students thrive when their home and school lives are in harmony. I will ensure communication, respect and support for both, parents and teachers.


School is a place for our children to learn, not fall victim to divisive politics or agendas. We need to take politics out of the classroom and bring respect, ethics and wholesome values back in.

about me

Born and raised in Bulgaria, Eastern Europe, I grew up during the Cold War and lived behind the Iron Curtain.

I graduated from Sofia University in Bulgaria, earning a Masters Degree in Linguistics, with a Minor in Pedagogy. Then, I continued with receiving an MBA from the University of National and World Economy. Before coming to the USA, I taught English in both Elementary and High Schools.

As residents of Gretna for over two decades, my husband and I are raising two children that attend Jefferson Parish Public Schools.

I am active in civic and community organizations. My experience in both business management and education will bring unique value to the Jefferson Parish School Board.

Serving as a Precinct Elections Commissioner is an honor

Testifying to our legislature to protect our rights as Louisiana citizens

Always finding strength in my Faith and Family

Girl Scouts Cookie Mom was the most fun office I've held. These were my champions!